Vote for People's Choice Award

Make Your Choice Count

Your voice shapes the recognition of exceptional craftsmanship. Participate in the People's Choice Award by following these steps:

1. Explore All In-Person Parade of Homes:

Immerse yourself in each home's unique design, features, and details. Pay attention to architectural innovation, creative use of space, and quality of craftsmanship. 

2. Guidelines for Judging:

Consider factors like architectural creativity, interior design, functionality, and overall aesthetic appeal when evaluating the homes.

3. Cast Your Vote:

Choose the home that resonates with you the most and submit your vote before the deadline on 9/18/2023. You can vote online by entering your ticket number, or in the app. 



Remember, your insights contribute to celebrating outstanding achievements. To participate in the People's Choice Award, viewing all in-person homes is required. We appreciate your involvement in shaping the Parade of Homes experience and recognizing the finest craftsmanship in our community.